Ok, most restaurants do have a selection of a veggie option. Most have vegetarian options with cheese. However, finding a vegan option is a little harder. Once you’ve done this for a while, you know what to ask for. Either veggie burger replacement, hold the cheese, replace meat for beans, add beans, no chicken instead add tofu, add tofu remove chicken, and any other kinds of combinations. I will post what I do when I go out as I do.

Most Chinese restaurants will give you the hardest times if you want to switch chicken for tofu. For instance, if there is a sweet and sour chicken and I want sweet and sour tofu, their heads explode. You gotta either tell them to bring the sauce separately and you pour it on the tofu or go with the tofu dishes they have. Side note: P.F. Changs has the best tofu ever. You can replace any dish with tofu. You just have to ask!!! Be pushy! It’s for the animals!


2 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. That is totally true, I hate the fact that when going out most restaurants do offer a veggie section but they have tons of cheese, milk and eggs. But what I hate the most is, that they don’t put the care for those meals as they do on the meat dishes. 😦

    • Yes! Most often though you can ask for things to replace cheese with. I like to ask for avocado. You can also replace the meat in any dish with a veggie meat, if they have one. Usually if they have a veggie burger, they will use that veggie meat for any other dish.

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