Tofu breakfast


You’ll need:

-Vegan butter – smart balance or earth balance or any other vegan butter you like
– 1 smart dogs hot dog.
-Cubed tofu
-A tomato
-An onion
-A 100 calorie pack of guacamole – I like wholly guacamole
-Toast – check what toast you like for the allergen ingredients. It will say something like contains wheat. Wheat is ok. Milk or eggs are a no no. Usually whole wheat breads are vegan.
– Jelly – whatever you like .

-Grease the pan with the butter
-Slice the hot dog and put it to cook.
-Add the tofu
-Cut a little bit of the tomato into whatever size tomato pieces and the onion. Whatever amount you like and add it
– Add whatever spices you like. Some salt or all purpose seasoning
– Let it cook for about 10 minutes
– Toast the bread and add jelly
– When you’re done cooking, add the guacamole to the plate and the toast and jelly.
– Enjoy!!!!!


For this meal, I cooked the tofu and smart dogs in salsa. The salsa gives the tofu a real kick. I hope you enjoy it!


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