Mexican Food and Taco Bell

Mexican food is great! Especially if you’re a vegan. There are so many choices to choose from and they’re all delicious.

Salsa? Check

Beans? Check

Guacamole? Check

Chips? Check

Tortillas? Most tortilla are just corn and water…so check!

I like to put some beans, lettuce, tomatos, and avocado slices or guacamole in my burritos. Very yummy!

Hold the meat and cheese. It will still taste delicious but without the added calories and without the added yucky meat. Funny enough, taco bell will be extremely¬†accommodating. It is the vegan’s fast food. Their Veggie Cantina Bowl can be made vegan – just hold the cilantro sauce, which might have some dairy. It tastes phenomenal! Their guacamole is great too! You can replace beans for anything! You like their tacos? replace beans for meat, you like their gordita crunch? no meat just beans and beans between the tacos. It really makes your hectic days a lot easier to handle!

Enjoy your mexican fiesta! (and remember that margaritas are very much vegan!)


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