Milk – Not the one from the cow


Alright, there are many types of milk replacements. Some taste better than others. I like to drink soy milk or coconut milk. I don’t like almond milk, but you should try it, you might like it. I use these milks in anything I would use milk with such as coffee. I like to use soy and coconut milk, the vanilla flavored one is great for cereals and coffees, the unflavored one is good to add to to coffee with some Splenda or for eating a vegan cookie.

I also love the chocolate soymilk. It tastes great and there is no weird after taste. These milks are made with 0% dairy and are GOOD FOR YOU! no GMOs or hormones added. Ever.

If you like to add creamer to your coffee like I do, there are soy creamers in french vanilla and regular. They are thicker than the milks but I’ve found the milks serve the same purpose.

If you ever like to drink starbucks, then you can request the soy milk (for .60 cents more) and drink your favorite lattee or frap with soy milk. Be careful with the drizzle at the end though, that might not be vegan. Hold the whipped cream please!

If you like to go to Panera Bread, they also have soy milk! They don’t advertise it and it’s FREE to replace it for milk  on your coffee. As it should be.

Well then! Enjoy your coffee and your very vegan milks!



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