A good salad

20130508-184531.jpgHere is a salad I made the other day. Very vegan and very delicious.

I added some greens (whatever your preference) I like this mix because it has a little bit of cilantro and it adds the most amazing kick to the taste. I also added some chopped tomatos, strawberries, chips (crunchy), some daiya vegan cheese, and some sir fried tofu. I topped it off with some ginger dressing.

About the cheese: Make sure you read the ingredients on the “veggie cheese” because it might be dairy free but it might have some milk derived ingredients, making it NOT vegan. I love the Daiya vegan cheese. It tastes great, it melts great, and it smells great too. Not something I can say about many vegan cheeses. So be cautious with the “veggie cheeses” out there and read the ingredients!!!

About the dressing: I really LOVE this ginger dressing! It’s amazingly delicious and it goes great with any salad and even as a dipping or topping sauce. You can use whatever dressing you want that is vegan. Check the ingredients!

You can also add some avocado slices, broccoli, apples, mandarin bits, carrot slices, cucumbers, onions, the list goes on. Anything you’d like.

The tofu: This tofu is the cubed hard tofu. I stir fried it with some olive oil until it was brown. I didn’t add any seasonings because I was going to add the ginger dressing and it would taste like it. Some salt to taste if you want is OK.




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