Chik’n, asparagus, and rice dinner


If you’re looking for a meat replacement, I have found that Gardein has the best tasting ones. Don’t get too excited though! Some of their meat replacements have dairy in them, so if you’re a vegetarian, go nuts! but if you’re a vegan then slow down and read the ingredient list. This particular chik’n is vegan and tastes amazing! I cooked it with some olive oil, italian seasoning and I added some salt but you can most definitely add your own seasoning! The type of chik’n is supposed to be cooked with a marinera sauce, which is why it’s kind of red, and the sauce comes with the package so all you gotta do is open it and cook it.

I also made the asparagus with some olive oil, italian seasoning, and salt. The secret is to let the asparagus cook enough where it is soft and it tastes like the seasoning. The white rice is instant made white rice. I would have gotten brown rice but I got this box of instant rice at a whole sale type of place and they only had white rice. I added some soy sauce for flavor.

I finished it with a fruit popsicle! (see the ice cream blog) It was a really good meal!



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