Isagenix Isa Lean Shake

Remember how I said I drank a protein shake as breakfast. Well the one I was drinking, the Raw Vegan one, is just so gross…It’s really a trial and error when it comes to protein shakes. I am trying the Isagenix brand new vegan protein shake. It has 8G of fiber, 22G of proteins and is soy free. I blend it in my ninja blender (I LOVE that blender) but I think a regular blender wil work too. Besides the already 8G of fiber, I add an additional scoop of fiber I purchased at a local vitamin shop.

It is a Berry Harvest taste and I must say, I really like it! I only added a 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk and a bit of splenda (You don’t have to) and it tasted really good! For the raw vegan one I had to add so many fruits and splenda to make it taste “ok”. But this one is really yummy!

I am also trying to stay away from Soy as much as I can. I have read and heard that too much soy is not good for you so I am experimenting with other soy-free products.

At $46 a box with 14 packets (about $6 a meal) it’s not too bad for a healthy, vegan, and tasty meal!




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