Vegan Pizza

We made pizza! Since my boyfriend is a vegetarian (still eats cheese) we had a half vegetarian, half vegan pizza. He used real cheese and I used Daiya cheese. It’s super simple so don’t get nervous.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

What you’ll need:

Ready made pizza dough (I bough it from my local supermarket for a couple of bucks) – Maybe one of these days I’ll show you how I make my own dough.

Ingredients: I put on my side Vegan pepperoni, Daiya cheese, mushrooms, and basil. Instead of pizza sauce, we used sliced tomatoes. But you can add pizza sauce.

We have a wooden pizza thing where we cook the pizza (see picture). You can also put the dough on an aluminum pizza baking sheet.

What to do:

Fun Fact: My first job ever was a dominos pizza, so I have (sort-of) skilled the art of shaping dough. However, if you were not lucky enough to work at a pizza place to earn a living, then don’t fret, you can still make pizza!

1. Find a countertop where you can get messy and put some flour on the counter and lay the pizza dough.

2. Massage the dough with your fingertips to stretch it out. With your hands you can stretch the dough by repeatedly massaging the dough starting with your hands closed and moving them away from each other (I should make a video).

S3. Once you’ve done that enough times where your dough is in the shape of a pizza (and don’t worry of it rips, just gently stick it back together) you can start adding toppings.

4. Add the sliced tomatoes (or the tomato sauce) to the pizza, add the Daiya cheese (as much as you want, add a little bit of olive oil (if you want) add the ingredients. Whatever you want or like on your pizza.

4. Stick in oven for 15-20 minutes. Let it cool a little bit (or not) and ENJOY!!

20130610-161801.jpgPizza dough

20130610-161823.jpgPepperoni Slices



20130610-161847.jpgThe wooden pizza baking thing

20130610-161853.jpgAdd flour to a clean flat surface

20130610-161902.jpgStretch the dough


20130610-161920.jpgAdd sliced tomatoes and olive oil

20130610-161928.jpgAdd ingredients


20130610-161942.jpghalf vegan, half real cheese

20130610-161950.jpgVegan finished product


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