Vegan Pancakes

Today I made vegan pancakes!

I followed the recipe in the back of the pancake mix…but I added a twist!

You’ll need:

1c of Pancake mix

1 tbs of flaxseed meal (It’ll be your egg replacement)

3/4c of coconut milk

1tbs of coconut oil

3 tbs of water

This will yield about 3-4 thin pancakes or 2 real thick ones

Start by mixing the flaxseed meal and the water – Let it sit for 2 minutes

While that’s sitting, mix everything else and then add the flaxseed

Beat it manually with a fork until it’s the right consistency

Put it on a pan at medium heat and let it cook, flipping it in order to cook both sides

Add syrup and enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is not going to taste like IHOP’s pancakes, be realistic! They will taste delicious though and how long has it been since you had chocolate chip pancakes anyway?







imageChocolate Chip Pancake – Add 1/2 tbs of cocoa powder and a handful of chocolate chips.

Blueberry Pancake – Add a handful of blueberries.image


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