Hummus Sandwich and Fruit Salad

Today for lunch I made a sandwich with a side of fruit salad.

I used toasted Ezekiel Bread, 3 slices of tofurkey, and 2 scoops of hummus. I paired it with some avocado slices. For the salad I used sliced strawberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, and blueberries.






Yardhouse in Coral Gables

gardein logo

gardein logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We went for lunch to Yardhouse and they have a WHOLE Gardein Menu!!

I love it!

I had the chik’n and avocado burger with sweet potato fries.

Find their menu here! http://www.yardhouse.com/menus/gardein.aspx




Panera Bread


They have A LOT of vegetarian options (with cheese) and SOME vegan options (with some modifications). We went for a light dinner and I had their Berry Salad (no chicken) and it was phenomenal! So much better than I expected! I added some avocado (Of course). I also had their mozzarella and sun dried tomato panini (no cheese, add avocado) and it was DELICIOUS! I love this place!

You can also have some black beans, salads, their veggie sandwich (no cheese) and COFFEE!!

They offer FREE (as opposed to Starbucks’ .60 cents up charge) for soy milk!

Hint: Get their panera card! You get free stuff!!







The Wonderful Avocado!

I know you guys have noticed that I eat avocado with everything (almost!) and it’s for a very good reason! Avocados are awesome, delicious, and the health benefits are magical!

Read below:

Benefits of Avocado

I use Hass Avocados. They’re smaller and taste better. When they are ready, their skin is almost black and they should be soft. When you cut them apart you should eat them right away or else they’ll go brown. However, if you want to leave some for later, make sure the part you save is the one with the seed. The seed prevents the avocado from going brown. You may wrap it in some foil and put it in the fridge for later!

English: Avocado with its cross section. Pictu...

English: Avocado with its cross section. Pictured in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. App 18 cm (7 inches) long. Français : Un Avocat entier et en coupe. Photo prise à Dar es Salaam, en Tanzanie. Longueur 18 cm environ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gardein, Refried Bean, Avocado Salad, and Rice Lunch

Today I had a really great lunch!

I started with a Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Burger, it is made with black bean, corn, and other veggies, lettuce, avocado, refried beans, and white rice.

Most of the things that I make do not require actual cooking, no one has time for that. I opened a can of refried beans, I used instant rice, I heated the veggie patty, and I had an avocado I peeled and added. I also added some Daiya cheese to the salad and some (you guessed it!) ginger dressing. It was really good!



gardein logo

gardein logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)