Shirataki Noddles with Chick’n and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Delcious meal and super easy!

Noodles: These are all tofu noodles, no wheat. They are already prepared so no big hassle cooking them.

In a small pan, cook on medium some marinera sauce with diced tomatoes and garlic. After rinsing the noodles with water, add the noodles and let it all simmer. When done, top off with some Daiya Cheese.

Sweet Potato: After rinsing the potato, put it in the microwave at “baked potato” setting. When it’s done, peel and mush the potato. Add vegan butter and brown sugar.

Chick’n: Gardein chick’n is the best! Cook in a pan at medium fire until done.










So you really like butter and the way it makes the food taste. Well while your arteries are getting clogged and your heart is trying to keep up, there are better alternatives.

You can try smart balance or earth balance. They cook like butter and are spreadable like butter but without all the animal stuff in it! You can probably get it at your local supermarket!


Tofu breakfast


You’ll need:

-Vegan butter – smart balance or earth balance or any other vegan butter you like
– 1 smart dogs hot dog.
-Cubed tofu
-A tomato
-An onion
-A 100 calorie pack of guacamole – I like wholly guacamole
-Toast – check what toast you like for the allergen ingredients. It will say something like contains wheat. Wheat is ok. Milk or eggs are a no no. Usually whole wheat breads are vegan.
– Jelly – whatever you like .

-Grease the pan with the butter
-Slice the hot dog and put it to cook.
-Add the tofu
-Cut a little bit of the tomato into whatever size tomato pieces and the onion. Whatever amount you like and add it
– Add whatever spices you like. Some salt or all purpose seasoning
– Let it cook for about 10 minutes
– Toast the bread and add jelly
– When you’re done cooking, add the guacamole to the plate and the toast and jelly.
– Enjoy!!!!!


For this meal, I cooked the tofu and smart dogs in salsa. The salsa gives the tofu a real kick. I hope you enjoy it!