Fruit Smoothies

I have decided to try some fruit smoothies with the added Alive nutritional shake.

I have created several recipes with fruits and vegetables based on some I’ve seen at fruit smoothie places and also my own.

This one is:

– 8oz of water/coconut water/coconut milk

– handful of kale

– A scoop of Alive pea protein

– Mango slices

– Half an orange

– A banana

Blend it, add some splenda if you wish and enjoy!


This one has:

– 8oz of water/coconut water/coconut milk

– A scoop of Alive pea protein

– A handful of blueberries

– Some pineapple slices

– A banana

– A handful of dates

Blend it, add some splenda if you wish and enjoy!


You can create any mix of fruits and vegetables for your smoothies. I have found that dates will naturally sweeten the smoothie and banana will cover up some of the after taste of the protein shake.

Here are some ideas: Bananas, apples, strawberries, spinach, dates, kale, blueberries, blackberries, oranges, mangos, etc…The possibilities are endless!



Vegan in Las Vegas

So I have been in Las Vegas this whole week and I didn’t take a single food picture! Can you believe it?? I took LOTS of other pictures but didn’t think to snap a picture of the food I was eating. I hope my narrative and the stock pictures help!

Well we went because my boyfriend presented at a major convention and so, of course, I tagged along. So besides all the shopping and the beautiful hotels, what’s there to eat if you’re a vegan that won’t cost you your mortgage and your first born child? Well let me tell you what I ate.

We stayed at the Palazzo/Venetian hotel, which is a fabulous hotel, fancy, and very expensive…We ate at some of their restaurants as well as other restaurants outside.

We started with the Grimaldi’s Pizza. This place is very nice and very accommodating. I asked for a cheese-less pizza with some mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. It was OK, I mean, I’ve had better pizza and I don’t think the cheese should have made that much of a big deal. My boyfriend enjoyed his pizza a lot though, so maybe the cheese is a breaking factor.


I also had some sweet sorbet from Cocolini. They offer Gelatos and smoothies as well. They sorbets were really good!

We also had some burgers at I love Burgers. They have a great veggie burger, we really enjoyed it.

We had breakfast at the Grand Lux Cafe inside the hotel, which was really delicious. They have a buffet with some vegan options such as whole wheat bread, fruit, orange juice, and  hash browns. There was also a bar of toppings for omelets that I used for my hash browns  I added mushrooms and tomatoes for some protein. They also had oatmeal with brown sugar and dried fruit, just the way I like it! We recommend this place, but be aware, it is pricey, but what isn’t in Vegas?

We also did a tour of the Grand Canyon, it is very impressive so if you ever have a chance, please visit. In the guest area, they have a little restaurant where they offer a cheese and veggie sandwich sans the cheese for me of course. Don’t get too excited about this offering though. Two slices of bread with some lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions with a side of fries. Not great, but better than not having anything at all. So I was content (I had a lot of fried on this trip, it’s easier to order veggie burgers and veggie sandwiches when you’re a vegan and they usually come with fries.

I also had some meals in the Grand Canal Shoppes, which is the shopping mall for the Palazzo and Venetian Hotel. There was a small burger place, I forgot the name, where they offered veggie burgers. It was an OK veggie burger, nothing exceptional. I also had some spaghetti with marinera sauce and some roasted potatoes, which were also OK.

We also went to the Aria to watch a Cirque du Soleil show and had dinner there before the show. We ate at a Tapas place called Julian Serrano, which had a whole selection of veggie tapas. We had never had tapas before so we didn’t know what to expect, but in the end the food was very good. We had the roasted potatoes with the aioli on the side, the asparagus, and bread with chopped tomatos.

We also went to downtown vegas where we ate a Mediterranean place, right next to the heart attack restaurant (I’ve seen it on TV), horrible, horrible and it says that if you’re over 350 lbs, you eat free. We didn’t go in there because we were sure they wouldn’t have anything veggie friendly options. The Mediterranean place was ver delicious. We had a falafel pita bread combo and it was great! We enjoyed our meal a lot!

All in all, vegas was pretty good. We didn’t get to go to the more expensive restaurants because we weren’t about to spend $40 on a plate of food. However, we managed to find some spots in the strip and downtown LV where I could eat and be a happy vegan!

I hope this was helpful if you’re looking for some inexpensive restaurants to indulge your vegan goddess!

Enjoy! =)


Weekday Breakfast

For breakfast I usually have a protein shake. I am currently drinking a raw vegan protein shake I bought at whole foods. I drink it everyday for breakfast and I add fruits such as berries, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, mango, and pineapples. Not all the fruit at the same time, I mix and match. I also add a fiber supplement called fiberteq. It’s supposed to be good for you and your digestion. I also add Splenda to add sweetness to it. This shake is great because it contains lots if vitamins and protein, and added the fiber. It’s also easy to make and tastes good after the Splenda and fruit. No protein shake will ever taste good. Ever. You just gotta add stuff to make it edible. I make this one with water because It becomes very thick with any milks.

I have also tried a GNC soy protein in chocolate and vanilla. It’s pretty good too with fruit and Splenda. I would make this one with some soy or coconut milk. It’s pretty edible.

This would be my weekday breakfast. Everyday. It’s just so easy. I splurge a little bit more on the weekends with other foods. That’s in another blog!