Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n Meal

Tonight we had Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n with some Kale salad, and hummus.


You can find this brand in the meat frozen isle. It’s very easy to make. The meal comes with a little pouch with the sauce and you just cook it with the chick’n. Then I added some raw kale with some salad dressing and hummus. Dinner in minutes.





Hummus Sandwich and Fruit Salad

Today for lunch I made a sandwich with a side of fruit salad.

I used toasted Ezekiel Bread, 3 slices of tofurkey, and 2 scoops of hummus. I paired it with some avocado slices. For the salad I used sliced strawberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, and blueberries.






Garbanzo Bean Paste

This can also be like a thicker soup.

I started with half a can of garbanzo beans, a little bit of onion, 1/3 of a tomato, a tbs of vegannaise, some olive oil, some salt to taste, and some pepper.

I mixed it well in my Ninja until it looked like hummus.

I put it on some Ezekiel Bread (See my other post) and it tasted delicious! Like homemade hummus.





The Daily Bread

Today for lunch we went to The Daily Bread, a Mediterranean place in a food court of one of our malls. Not fancy, inexpensive, but very yummy.

I had the Falafel Platter, which comes with 4 falafel balls, a pita bread cut into 4 pieces, and 2 sides. For my sides, I had the lentils with rice and the taboule salad. My boyfriend had the Falafel Platter but he had the hummus and the tabule salad. He also had some fries with his order.

All in all it was very delicious.




Gardein, hummus, chips, and salad lunch

20130509-142845.jpgI had this for lunch a few days ago.

I started with some greens, tomatoes, daiya cheese, and ginger dressing for the salad. I added some hummus and chips on the side for a different taste.

I then cooked some veggie meat with olive oil. This is a gardein burger chopped up in mini pieces. Gardein is my favorite type of veggie meat. It cooks great, the texture is also very good and the taste is better than most. I didn’t add any extra spices to the veggie meat because it already comes seasoned and it’s very good. You can always be sure you’ll enjoy gardein products.


gardein logo

gardein logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Hummus (Photo credit: diettogo1)

I would like to say that hummus is one of the greatest things that will ever exist for a vegan. It’s simple, inexpensive, delicious, and very much vegan. If you are ever in a sandwich or wrap type of mood and don’t know what to put in it, hummus is your answer. As a sandwich, topping, dipping, and as a meal, hummus will be your choice!

There are many different types of hummus available and I prefer the classic hummus without any of the additional stuff added. You can eat them with wraps, pita chips, chips, and even mix them up with some salsa! Hummus is a great source of protein, it contains all the good fats is most definitely good for you.

You can add some fresh tomatos, some falafels, add it to your salads, have it with some kale chips, carrot chips, and even cucumber slices. You can even mix it with some olive oil! There is no end to the types of foods or snacks you can create with hummus. It’s the best!

Enjoy! =)