Homemade General Tso Tofu & Spring Rolls

Tonight we made a full chinese dinner!

Serves 2

Turn on the oven and follow the instruction for the type of spring rolls you bought. Any brand will do fine as long they’re SPRING rolls and not egg rolls. Big difference.

I started with cubed firm tofu, Simply Asia General Tso stir fry sauce, broccoli, and frozen spring rolls.

In a medium pan with some oil put the tofu to cook. After a few minutes add the General Tso sauce and let it cook.

Let it simmer until the tofu is cooked and add the broccoli to cook on top of the tofu.

You can make some white rice to go along with it. It was delicious! 










Latin Food Restaurant

Coming from a hispanic background, everything that has to do with latin food, also has to do with meat. Well, with a little bit if creativity and by asking some questions, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we go into latin restaurants, I immediately go to the ‘sides’ section and start looking at those. You might find a side salad, plantains, yuca, black beans (usually made vegan but ask if it was cooked with meat), rice, bread, etc. My usual meal is black beans, rice, and plantains.

We also went to a fast latin food restaurant called ‘Pollo Tropical’ which literally means Tropical Chicken, but don’t let the name fool you! They have a vegetarian dish. You can choose between rice, rice and beans, yellow rice, rice and lettuce, with corn, grilled onions, tomatoes, and grilled peppers. They also have some yummy sauces such as guava bbq. If you have one near your house, you should check it out!






Beefless Tips Dinner

Tonight we had some beefless tips! Gardein brand makes the best beefless tips. They are delicious and oh so easy to make!

I started with a pan and some olive oil. I opened the package and added the beefless tips to the pan along with some “Very Very Teriyaki Soy Sauce”. Let that simmer on its own, no other ingredient is needed.

I then steamed some veggies, if you have not gotten yourself a steamer, you seriously need to get one ASAP! I steamed some mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and some onions.

I also had a side of salad, which I flavored with the sauce from the teriyaki sauce, and some microwave rice.

YUM! and super easy!!

Enjoy!! =)








Pei Wei

We went to Pei Wei for dinner. They have a great selection of tofu and their tofu is one of the best tasting I’ve ever had.

I had the sweet and sour tofu complete with pineapples, onions, broccoli, and other veggies. I had mine with brown rice.

My boyfriend ordered another tofu meal which was very good.

I like this restaurant because they have high quality food with low prices. They also have the soda fountain available for you to get your own refills. No need to wait on a waiter. Mostly, I like the unlimited fortune cookies!

Highly recommend it!




The Daily Bread

Today for lunch we went to The Daily Bread, a Mediterranean place in a food court of one of our malls. Not fancy, inexpensive, but very yummy.

I had the Falafel Platter, which comes with 4 falafel balls, a pita bread cut into 4 pieces, and 2 sides. For my sides, I had the lentils with rice and the taboule salad. My boyfriend had the Falafel Platter but he had the hummus and the tabule salad. He also had some fries with his order.

All in all it was very delicious.




Gardein, Refried Bean, Avocado Salad, and Rice Lunch

Today I had a really great lunch!

I started with a Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Burger, it is made with black bean, corn, and other veggies, lettuce, avocado, refried beans, and white rice.

Most of the things that I make do not require actual cooking, no one has time for that. I opened a can of refried beans, I used instant rice, I heated the veggie patty, and I had an avocado I peeled and added. I also added some Daiya cheese to the salad and some (you guessed it!) ginger dressing. It was really good!



gardein logo

gardein logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Chik’n, asparagus, and rice dinner


If you’re looking for a meat replacement, I have found that Gardein has the best tasting ones. Don’t get too excited though! Some of their meat replacements have dairy in them, so if you’re a vegetarian, go nuts! but if you’re a vegan then slow down and read the ingredient list. This particular chik’n is vegan and tastes amazing! I cooked it with some olive oil, italian seasoning and I added some salt but you can most definitely add your own seasoning! The type of chik’n is supposed to be cooked with a marinera sauce, which is why it’s kind of red, and the sauce comes with the package so all you gotta do is open it and cook it.

I also made the asparagus with some olive oil, italian seasoning, and salt. The secret is to let the asparagus cook enough where it is soft and it tastes like the seasoning. The white rice is instant made white rice. I would have gotten brown rice but I got this box of instant rice at a whole sale type of place and they only had white rice. I added some soy sauce for flavor.

I finished it with a fruit popsicle! (see the ice cream blog) It was a really good meal!