Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup, Rice, and a Banana

Tonight I had the Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup with some white rice and a banana.

Amy’s Soups never disappoint me. The soups are always delicious and do not taste canned at all. They are seasoned with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and other spices. The rice is instant made and the banana was just perfect.

Anyway, enjoy!


Latin Bean Soup & Avocado

Well today I decided to make some bean soup, like my abuela would make…without the pressure cooker.

You’ll need:

– 1 can of black beans

– Chopped onion and tomato

– Spices (adobo, basil, oregano)

– Cubed boiled potatoes

– A bit of Olive Oil

– Avocado (1/2 or whole)

1. In the pan, cook the tomatoes and onions with the olive oil and spices

2. Once that’s cooked, add the beans and potatoes

3. Let it simmer and serve!

4. Add the avocado on top or on the side

– You can add some rice for a real latin meal!

Enjoy! =)








Panera Bread


They have A LOT of vegetarian options (with cheese) and SOME vegan options (with some modifications). We went for a light dinner and I had their Berry Salad (no chicken) and it was phenomenal! So much better than I expected! I added some avocado (Of course). I also had their mozzarella and sun dried tomato panini (no cheese, add avocado) and it was DELICIOUS! I love this place!

You can also have some black beans, salads, their veggie sandwich (no cheese) and COFFEE!!

They offer FREE (as opposed to Starbucks’ .60 cents up charge) for soy milk!

Hint: Get their panera card! You get free stuff!!







Amy’s Organic Soup: Lentil Vegetable

Today I tried some of Amy’s Organic Soup: Lentil Vegetable. It was good for a canned soup. It’s very difficult to find vegan canned anything so the fact that this organic and vegan, it has my vote!

Anyway, I heated it in the microwave and then added some soy crumbles I had from some meat pies I was making. It was good. I like my lentils much better though and one of these days, I will make them for you!