Shirataki Noddles with Chick’n and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Delcious meal and super easy!

Noodles: These are all tofu noodles, no wheat. They are already prepared so no big hassle cooking them.

In a small pan, cook on medium some marinera sauce with diced tomatoes and garlic. After rinsing the noodles with water, add the noodles and let it all simmer. When done, top off with some Daiya Cheese.

Sweet Potato: After rinsing the potato, put it in the microwave at “baked potato” setting. When it’s done, peel and mush the potato. Add vegan butter and brown sugar.

Chick’n: Gardein chick’n is the best! Cook in a pan at medium fire until done.









Garbanzo Bean Paste

This can also be like a thicker soup.

I started with half a can of garbanzo beans, a little bit of onion, 1/3 of a tomato, a tbs of vegannaise, some olive oil, some salt to taste, and some pepper.

I mixed it well in my Ninja until it looked like hummus.

I put it on some Ezekiel Bread (See my other post) and it tasted delicious! Like homemade hummus.





Amy’s Organic Soup: Lentil Vegetable

Today I tried some of Amy’s Organic Soup: Lentil Vegetable. It was good for a canned soup. It’s very difficult to find vegan canned anything so the fact that this organic and vegan, it has my vote!

Anyway, I heated it in the microwave and then added some soy crumbles I had from some meat pies I was making. It was good. I like my lentils much better though and one of these days, I will make them for you!