Shirataki Noddles with Chick’n and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Delcious meal and super easy!

Noodles: These are all tofu noodles, no wheat. They are already prepared so no big hassle cooking them.

In a small pan, cook on medium some marinera sauce with diced tomatoes and garlic. After rinsing the noodles with water, add the noodles and let it all simmer. When done, top off with some Daiya Cheese.

Sweet Potato: After rinsing the potato, put it in the microwave at “baked potato” setting. When it’s done, peel and mush the potato. Add vegan butter and brown sugar.

Chick’n: Gardein chick’n is the best! Cook in a pan at medium fire until done.









Homemade General Tso Tofu & Spring Rolls

Tonight we made a full chinese dinner!

Serves 2

Turn on the oven and follow the instruction for the type of spring rolls you bought. Any brand will do fine as long they’re SPRING rolls and not egg rolls. Big difference.

I started with cubed firm tofu, Simply Asia General Tso stir fry sauce, broccoli, and frozen spring rolls.

In a medium pan with some oil put the tofu to cook. After a few minutes add the General Tso sauce and let it cook.

Let it simmer until the tofu is cooked and add the broccoli to cook on top of the tofu.

You can make some white rice to go along with it. It was delicious! 










Pei Wei

We went to Pei Wei for dinner. They have a great selection of tofu and their tofu is one of the best tasting I’ve ever had.

I had the sweet and sour tofu complete with pineapples, onions, broccoli, and other veggies. I had mine with brown rice.

My boyfriend ordered another tofu meal which was very good.

I like this restaurant because they have high quality food with low prices. They also have the soda fountain available for you to get your own refills. No need to wait on a waiter. Mostly, I like the unlimited fortune cookies!

Highly recommend it!




Marinated Tofu with Dry Pigeon Peas and Rice

Today I made some marinated tofu. It was delicious!

I marinated it in a tomato, onion, and soy teriyaki sauce.

I used medium to firm tofu and I cut it in squares. I then marinated it with the chopped tomatos, onions, and the sauce. We got the sauce at our local supermarket.

I then made some ready rice and opened a can of pigeon peas (gandules for those of you who speak spanish) and added them to the rice. I then topped the tofu on the rice and ate it! yum!








Tofu in Peanut Sauce (My version)

So I already have a recipe for tofu in peanut sauce but my boyfriend made it and he did it with pre-fried tofu.

I made it a little different and I have to say, I like mine better.

I started with some uncooked pre-cubed tofu in the pan with some olive oil. I added peanut sauce and some peanuts. I stirred and let pan cook.

I made some instant brown rice (I love instant rices).

Add some greens with some salad dressing…and voila!

Mmmmm.. =)






Sweet and Sour Tofu

Made by Matt =)


You’ll need some tofu, sweet and sour sauce, pineapples and green & red peppers (If you like peppers, I don’t)

In some olive oil, cook the tofu with the sweet and sour sauce.

You can get some frozen pineapples and microwave them. The add them to the pan and cook everything together until done. Serve over rice and ENJOY!



20130524-141945.jpgI have tofu puffs (found at an oriental store). Add some peanut sauce for dipping!