Shirataki Noddles with Chick’n and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Delcious meal and super easy!

Noodles: These are all tofu noodles, no wheat. They are already prepared so no big hassle cooking them.

In a small pan, cook on medium some marinera sauce with diced tomatoes and garlic. After rinsing the noodles with water, add the noodles and let it all simmer. When done, top off with some Daiya Cheese.

Sweet Potato: After rinsing the potato, put it in the microwave at “baked potato” setting. When it’s done, peel and mush the potato. Add vegan butter and brown sugar.

Chick’n: Gardein chick’n is the best! Cook in a pan at medium fire until done.









Fruit Smoothies

I have decided to try some fruit smoothies with the added Alive nutritional shake.

I have created several recipes with fruits and vegetables based on some I’ve seen at fruit smoothie places and also my own.

This one is:

– 8oz of water/coconut water/coconut milk

– handful of kale

– A scoop of Alive pea protein

– Mango slices

– Half an orange

– A banana

Blend it, add some splenda if you wish and enjoy!


This one has:

– 8oz of water/coconut water/coconut milk

– A scoop of Alive pea protein

– A handful of blueberries

– Some pineapple slices

– A banana

– A handful of dates

Blend it, add some splenda if you wish and enjoy!


You can create any mix of fruits and vegetables for your smoothies. I have found that dates will naturally sweeten the smoothie and banana will cover up some of the after taste of the protein shake.

Here are some ideas: Bananas, apples, strawberries, spinach, dates, kale, blueberries, blackberries, oranges, mangos, etc…The possibilities are endless!



Breaded Coconut Shrimp, Kimchi, and Sweet Potato

Yes! You read right! Coconut shrimp. Totally vegan and totally delicious. A brand called Sophie’s Kitchen specializes in making vegan “sea food”. They have shrimp, fish filets, breaded shrimp and all sorts of other yummy food.

To make the shrimp, follow the recipe in the back of the carton. It’s very easy, just pan fry the shrimp in olive oil.

Kimchi is Korean marinaded Cabbage. It’s very good and a little spicy. You can pair this up with tofu or shrimp or any other protein.

The sweet potato I made in the microwave on “baked potato setting”. I added vegan butter and some brown sugar.

I hope you enjoy!





Alive! Protein Shake

I have not had good luck with many protein shakes. They either taste horrible or they are expensive. I am trying Alive! Pea Protein. It’s actually not that bad. If you mix it alone it tastes like vegetables. However, I added some berries, a banana, and some splenda and it tasted really good! No after taste either.

I highly recommend it!




Vega Nutritional Shake – Add Cinnamon

I decided to try Vega Nutritional shake. Well, it’s not as good as Isagenix but Isagenix was very expensive and so I decided to try Vega. I am adding an extra scoop of brown rice for added protein since it only has 15 grams of protein for every scoop. The brown rice scoop has about 13 grams, so all in all the added protein helps.

I am also adding some fiber supplement with probiotics and some fruits, usually strawberries and bananas. It helps with the taste.

The taste: I discovered something, maybe it can help you if you are of the protein shake drinker. Cinnamon. Isagenix has a cinnamon after taste which balances the gross after taste of the protein shake. So I decided to try it with the Vega and it worked! It kind of cancels each other out. So when you’re preparing the protein shake, add a few shakes of cinnamon powder. It makes a HUGE difference!

Let me know if it worked for you!







Carrabba’s Italian Grill

There are not many restaurants that have a big selection of vegan italian foods. Carrabas has some.

As an appetizer, the zucchini fritte is pretty safe. It’s also REALLY GOOD!

You have reiterate to whoever is serving you, “no cheese nor meats please” and they’ll make it happen.

I ordered as my main meal the Pasta Sostanza РI replaced the tagliarini pasta with whole wheat pasta. It came with with saut̩ed mushrooms, artichoke hearts and spinach in tomato basil sauce topped with seasoned breadcrumbs (no breadcrumbs). And I also said no cheese please!

I am pretty sure the bread they serve you is vegan. Most breads are. And the italian seasoning with the olive oil is fantastic. God I love Italian food!

Well enjoy!



Sweet Potato Baked Dish and Gardein Chick’n

Brought to you by Gigi!

You’ll need for 2 people:

– 1 sweet potato

– 1/2 chopped onion

– Canned beets

– Canned cut carrots

– 2 tbs Olive oil

– Salt to taste

– Some minced garlic to taste

– I added some mushrooms. I like mushrooms.

Go ahead and mix everything together in a baking pan and bake at 400 degrees for 50 minutes.

The chik’n comes frozen, so go ahead and stove top cook it in some olive oil until fully cooked.






20130517-190317.jpgReady for the oven!

20130517-190326.jpgThis what it looks like cooked. It was very good!


20130517-190432.jpgThe chicken can be cooked normally on a stove top.

20130517-190539.jpgFinished product!